/  Dr. Dina Kurdiani

Dr. Dina Kurdiani

MD, PH.D Oncogynecologist , Tbilisi Cancer Center.

The Vice President of the Alliance Against Cancer.

The Expert in Gynecological Oncology  Ministry of Health, Labour and  Social Affairs of Georgia.


Education at University/Medical School Level:

1992   1999     Tbilisi

Medicine (resident) 
2000  2004     Tbilisi

Medicine (post-graduate course)
2003     2004      Turkey

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 
2007    Tbilisi

Details of Medical License, Certification, etc    MD
1999    2003    Diploma      22/2003

Degree Diploma  Doctoral Thesis: Assessment of Gynecological cancer Burden PH.D

University of  Georgia Diploma UG N:00039


Examinations for Specialty(ies) (Specialty, year):

MD Certificate (oncology)  Certificate    Oncology surgery   Certificate   Oncologynecology

1999     2003    2008     Tbilisi, Georgia    Turkey,Ankara     Tbilisi, Georgia