Professional background:
Seit 07/15 Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Oncology ZIO-AG
Locations: Zurich – Richterswil – Glarus – Winterthur
01.2014-07/15 Chief physician of the Center for Integrative Oncology
Paracelsus Hospital Richterswil AG
04.2011-01.2014 Medical Director of the Paracelsus Hospital and the Sonnenberg
Practice Center in Zurich, and Chief Surgeon, Oncology
10.2009 Teaching assignment for Integrative Oncology within the scope
of the Main Lecture Oncology at the University of Tübingen
08.2006-03.2011 Chief physician of the Center for Integrative Oncology at Filderklinik, Stuttgart, and chief physician of the Internal Department of Construction of the Oncology Department of Filderklinik, certification as oncological focus in OSP-ES by the DKG
04.2009 Recognition as investigator for Clinical Trials
10.2008 Recognition of additional designation Palliative Medicine
09.2004-08.2006 Internist in Continuing Education in the subspecialities of Hematology and Medical Oncology at the Tumor Biology Centreat the University of Freiburg , responsible, inter alia, for conducting
clinical Phase I and II trials of CTU
05.2006 Recognition of additional designation naturopathic medicine
02.2006 Recognition of the subspecialities of Hematology and Int. Oncology
02.2004-08.2004 Senior Physician of the Internal Department of Filderklinik (ICU, Functional Diagnostics, short-stay-patients station)
04.2004 Recognition as a specialist in Internal Medicine
07.2002-02.2004 Assistant Surgeon, Internal Medicine Division Filderklinik
12.2003 Recognition of additional designation Emergency Medicine
07.1999-07.2002 Intern of the Medical Clinics of Cologne (Cardiology, Angiology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Oncology, special internal intensive care)
01.1998-07.1999 medical resident at the Medical Clinics of Cologne


Scientific work, publications, lectures (selection):
1. Müller-Hübenthal B.; Azemar M.; Lornezen D.; Huber M.; Freudenberg M.A.; Galanos C.; Unger C .; Hildenbrand B. Tumor Biology: Tumor-associated Inflammation versus antitumor Immunity Anticancer Research 29; 12 2009
2. Müller-Hübenthal B.; Weinandy A; Kiviet C. How important is the anthroposophic mistletoe therapy in the context of modern multimodal oncological therapy concepts? An orientation from a clinical perspective. Mistletoe in Tumor Therapy 2 KVCPublishers 2009
3. Müller-Hübenthal B. Complementary therapies in oncology. An overview. Karger Publishers2007
4. Müller-Hübenthal B. Leonardo da Vinci destroyed plans for military diving equipment: An example of science ethics at the beginning of the 16th century. Responsibility in science and technology. Dümmler Publishers Bonn 1989

Special knowledge and experience:
* Extensive experience in personnel management and project management
* Scientific Director of the web-based Best-Case-Portals bestcase-oncology.com
* Member of the scientific advisory board of the AG PRIO of the German cancer society
*Chairman of the European Society for Integrative Oncology ESIO e.V.
*Coordinator of several clinical phase I and II studies of angiogenesis immunotherapies in the CTU of Tumour Biology, University of Freiburg

Personal Interests and Hobbies:
* interest in ethical issues in medicine and the natural sciences
* meditation, music, chess, jogging, swimming, biking, climbing, mountaineering